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I'm Megan. I like to laugh, quote movies, and eat string cheese.

If anyone tries to tell you Fabian Johnson doesn’t have the coolest tattoos on the earth punch them in the face

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In the world of fashion, the hadid name is just as known. Gigi has been the face of guess since she was 4. I don’t know why people are just asking me about Kendall now, maybe because the DailyMail just wrote an article on it. I don’t know. I just answered the question


to be very very honest, it comes off as very narcissistic. i understand why she did it, but the only supermodels that have been known by one name are gisele, twiggy, and that’s pretty much it. even cindy crawford, naomi campbell, and kate moss have kept their full names professionally. 

wanting to distance yourself from your family because of their ties to a reality show make sense, but it’s also only because of that show and kanye’s influence that she has gotten as far as she has in couture. i’m sorry but it’s true. she doesn’t have the face of a high fashion model. she would be a KILLER for commercial because she is very photogenic and she’s very pretty.

i’ll probably get yelled at for this, but i get paid by this industry so i dunno. for me, i would always keep my full name. gigi hadid does, and she’s a contemporary of kendall’s with famous parents and reality show ties as well.